We understand how important it is to track your driver and vehicle on real time to measure efficiency and overall productivity. Subsequently most of the time it becomes a matter of security.

Now there is this question of how to secure such a huge field force, and track the fleet live position to know the where-abouts of it?

There can be several ways to do so:
  1. Appoint a security agency to take care of security concern.
  2. Be connected to drivers through message or call on real time to know about their where-about.
  3. Maintain a record of no of drivers, total no of vehicle, route travelled, etc.
  4. Manually be behind the drivers and other employees for all the status update.

Are these really helping solve the problem? Are they making the business operations efficient and cost effective?? We need to re-think.

In today’s scenario, everyone is talking about digitization – bringing the manual bookkeeping on a digital platform and maintaining an end to end management and getting it automated to save a huge amount of resources. So, why not digitize the field force, drivers and even the fleets to have a real time track of it.

How do we do that?

Answer is simple; the entire workforce need to be managed from a unified platform, either through web portal or through a mobile application. When this happens, the managers will be able to assign responsibilities to team members and keep track of their performance and reward them accordingly. And when we talk about logistics sector, fleet tracking on real time is one of the most essential tasks for smooth business operation.

Managers often get excuses from the field force about missing out visits/unfinished tasks. We need to have a strong system to track the real time position of the field force to avoid such kind of excuses for missing out tasks. Furthermore, the field force tracking application app will be helpful in times of no internet connection as well to track drivers. During that particular time duration, the coordinates of that particular fleet/driver will be saved on the server and will be synced in as we get the connectivity back.  This prevents from any type of loafing and wastage of time.

  1. Monitor driver and vehicle
  2. Maximize vehicle efficiency
  3. Maximize driver productivity
  4. Vehicle route optimization
  5. Maximize return on investment