Is Your Fleet Tracking Digitized?

We understand how important it is to track your driver and vehicle on real time to measure efficiency and overall productivity. Subsequently most of the time it becomes a matter of security. Now there is this question of how to secure such a huge field force, and track the fleet live position to know the… Read More »

Welcome to the Digital era of Merchandising!

As we all know how merchandising has created a huge impact on selling as well as increasing selling efficiency of firms. But the way of doing that has become digitalized. Today’s Brand manager has become smarter using smart devices which has given an ease of reporting in real time. This disruption has created a deeper… Read More »

Would you like to track a substantial growth of your Business? Try this!!

Gone are the days when agents used to do reporting on paper and post getting information of all visited stores, they used to pass it to their respective Brand Managers. Now the scenario has been digitally changed, the brand manager can have all information handy while stores are being audited under their supervision. They are… Read More »

A New age of tracking softwares!!

India has started running on a new path, where everything has become an automated process, technologies operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, switching on telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some areas have been left unanswered where human resources are… Read More »

You are wondering something different, but the case is going worse. Try this!!!

Current position of Brand Manager is not that hectic how it used to be. Earlier brand managers had to make lots of efforts to create hand written, concise and accurate reports for their upper management. And this process was more time consuming as well as there were recurring chances of errors. In order to eliminate… Read More »