How to track your Field Force remotely?

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Tracking your field force can be a little demanding task, especially if you are having a huge number of field agents. Companies spend a lump sum amount on sales force to carry out all sorts of external activities with productivity and result holding. Essentially it is the job of manager to keep a track on the goal achievement, target setting, attendance tracking, outputs of the meetings, sales and monitoring the work carried out in the working hours. For that, he/she cannot go and check with every agent.

Girnar Newtel was come up with a universal solution of all the requirements of tracking the real time GPS location of the field force. We have taken into account all the necessary factors that need to be checked by the managers while monitoring the performance of their filed agents. Our Field force tracking application is a robust GPS tracker android app equipped with modern technology, to track the live location of the field force.

The field force tracking app is providing pertinent details like real time tracking, historical tracking, attendance management system, distance travelled, visit reports, battery status, GPS status, Data upload download speed etc. all under one window. The app works in offline mode also where in case of low/loss of data connectivity, the agent’s location will be stored the cache memory and will get in sync once the data connection is back. The manager can view the cases of battery dyeing, GPS on/off status, speed of the agent in special escalation reports. Since our app is entirely supported by the cloud storage there are minimal chances of hanging or disruptive functioning of smart phones.

Our app is of great use for any industry/sector and is currently the top-rated product of our firm, well trusted and highly accurate in working.

Its ease of usage both for the manager and the employee is what making it a simple solution of a complex problem. Our clients are more than happy to become our long-term collaborators and this is what makes our App a utility app for any find of business.

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