Field Force Tracking Application

The need of the hour for all the organizations engaging field force, in any form, is to track the overall productivity and task completion rate on a daily basis. An eye on the exact GPS location of a particular agent, whether going for a market visit or attending a meeting or even a family member checking in and out of the workplace is the most wonderful thing that can happen for translating the money spent on the field force and to track down a known person’s position for safety reasons. Our Field Force Tracking Application is an all in one robust Android application catering to all the scenarios related to any field force.

Retail Brands



Delivery companies

  • Retail brands tracking sales executives.
  • Pharma companies – MRs ( Medical Representatives ) Market visits & doctor meetings.
  • Banks with BDEs (Business Development Executives)
  • Delivery Services e.g. Restaurant chains, courier services, food delivery, etc.
  • Product based firms e.g. water purifiers, employing sales executives and product service personnel.
  • Service offering firms e.g. cleaning, plumbing, Appliance repairing, Installation, Lawn maintenance etc.
  • Buddy tracking for tracking the exact locations of someone you know.

Web Module for the Admin/Managers

The most crucial part of this Application is the view availed to the Admin to look at every aspect of its field force at one place through any media, be it Desktop or mobile view.

The web module screened for the Managers will operate with a basic login ID and password, with Multiple views at the same time. Below are the briefs of the features present for view.

Benefits for the Firms

The Field force tracking application is a saviour, for all the firms employing a huge sum of field agents to complete their daily tasks.

Pricing Criteria

We work on a simple pricing scheme as levied on the number of user accounts taken on a monthly basis. For having a deep understanding of your requirements, we bring you the best monthly and annual package for our exclusive services. Leave a message at the contact us page and we will get back to you with our expert team to handle all your queries.

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