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In today’s scenario to ensure high relative brand visibility and high market share of product sales it is important for any leading brand to have a high share of Instore & outstore brand visibility. Thus it is imperative for brands to track their visibility index & tweak their visibility strategy on real-time basis for market leadership.

The most prominent way to put up your brand higher in the marketplace is to put up visual merchandising services or Point of sales material across the retail stores. Companies allocate a huge sum to promote their products amidst other competitive brands product. But to their dismay, since there was no real time merchandising tracking system to their avail, most of the money goes in vain. The promotional activities don’t happen in time, since the decision making was not immediate; the brands suffer a lot in terms of their sales.

Newtel’s Merchandising App furnishes an easy to operate functionality for all brands, where we can automate your current manual method of survey and reporting of any type of Point of Sales material (POSM) or any visual merchandising put across the retail stores.  This is the stepping stone for the brands to digitize their brand visibility which helps them to check trends and maximize their retail sales.


Merchandising AppTraditional manual tracking system employed by every leading brand, to fetch the data pertaining to their brand visibility in the stores has some obvious shortcomings:

  1. Credibility: We cannot be sure that the agent we appointed has actually been to the store. There can be chances of default or sending someone else at his/her place.
  2.  Authenticity: Even if we are sending our entrusted agent to click the pictures of our product line in the stores, we are still not sure if they have actually clicked the pictures or just got them uploaded through internet.
  3.  No means of real time tracking and execution of the branding strategy.
  4. Connectivity issue: Your research can get delayed on account of lost data connection or location based problem.

To overcome above issues and make the correct brand audit reports available on real-time basis, Newtel developed a unique suite of android mobile application for the field staff to upload the field reports and a web report module for the brand owners to keep a track on brand’s visibility index on real-time basis in retail stores.


Girnar Newtel through its business expertise and 6 year long foothold in retail markets, studied thoroughly through the problems faced by the retailers in tracking online brand visibility and felt a need for a kind of mobile application for retail stores specifically. The Merchandising application is a robust Android application, looking into the requirements of myriad of industries, to offer an online tracking system to the brand managers.

Newtel’s Merchandising App has set of brand element parameters that need to be validated by Merchandiser or field force to analyze their brand penetration in the retail stores: Front Signage, Inside Branding, Fixtures, Live Display, ISD Promoter, Creativity and all kinds of POSM materials

  1. Features of the Merchandising Application
  2. Brand visibility reports: The report comprising of visibility data, image can be submitted through app whenever data connection is available.
  3. Market Intelligence Reports: Reports pertaining to all the activities carried out by the competing brands e.g. inventory capture, new product launch, new POSM, etc.
  4. 360 degree view of the store visited by the field agents.
  5. Real time store add-on functionality into the Merchandising Application.
  6. Real time addition of competitor for tracking their visual merchandising material, stocks, new product launch etc.Merchandising App
  7. Authentic Reports: The Merchandising application makes sure to track the time, IMEI and GPS coordinates of the retail store where images are taken. The images will be uploaded strictly from the camera itself; the application’s functionality discards the direct upload from the internet or mobile gallery. This way we ensure only the hired agent submits genuine reports.
  8. Real time tracking: The brand manager will receive merchandising reports as the agents submit it, on their email id. Also, the brand manager can view excel, ppt and custom reports for any region, agent and date range in the reports interface.
  9. Zero data connectivity issues: In case of lost data connection, the report will be stored in an offline mode and will later be submitted when the connection is available.
  10. Seamless data: The report size of around 200 stores will be as small as 3 MB. So the application will not be causing any hanging issues in real time.
  11. Mandatory Clicking front signage image: To know your primary brand visibility status.
  12. Capture every branding element including POSM: Based on the overall store visibility images report, the brand manager can augment visibility as per desired index.
  13. Market Intelligence Reports: Reports pertaining to all the activities carried out by the competing brands e.g. inventory capture, new product launch, new POSM, etc.
  14. Sales Executive/Field Agent location Tracking: Capturing duration spent by field executive during travel and also in-store time. Also, communication medium available to follow up with executives.
  15. Visit Planning: A well versed, tour plan to be sent to the field executives in order to optimize the routes and time schedules.
  16. Stock Reports: The real time reports containing daily stock sales, swapped products, damaged inventory etc. To be sent to the brand managers/owners for quick decision making.
  17. Performance Analytics: An evaluation report of target achieved per executives to make operational strategies and also for reward assessment by the Brand manager.
  18. Seamless Configuration: A highly robust interface, to take up any requirement of the brand as customization.

Our in-house Merchandising Application services, are fully customizable and trusted by many industry giants for the below reasons.

  • We provide end to end services and works for the brand itself. Unlike third party, we offer you real time reports of field agents.
  • Any type of reports you need pertaining to Merchandising, market intelligence, stocks, salesforce etc. Can be easily accommodated within the merchandising application.


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