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Retail and distribution companies know the stocks that have been placed in the network. However, they have very little information on the sales done, competitor schemes and their channel needs on real time basis.


Newtel Smart Partner App enables companies to manage and track their retail sales and inventory in their distribution network on real-time basis. Essentially, the sales performance, market intelligence, channel attendance and training needs of thousands of their stores that can be tracked and managed in real time.


This is an android application primarily for retailers and promoters. Retailers and promoters can submit their daily attendance and sales, can view their sales performance, request for digital training material and can also submit market intelligence reports. The key real-time features of the app are:

  • Inventory view
  • Product Sale capture
  • Sales performance summary
  • Price details view
  • Attendance recording
  • Competitor tracking
  • Product training

Sales Channel Productivity:

  • Attendance Tracking: Ensure full channel productivity.
  • Effective incentive implementation: Reduce unmerited incentives by rewarding billed sales only.
  • Channel training: Know training requirements & provide training in real-time.
Shorter Sales Cycle:
  • Maximum channel throughput with optimal inventory in the supply chain and increased retail billing.
  • Real-time feedback on sales performance against target.
  • Get Real-time Market intelligence on competitor strategies: Price drops, new schemes, launches, promotions etc…
Market Leadership
  • NewTel Smartpartner App is an easy to use tool for intelligent channel sales management providing the product owners total control over their business.

The Smart partner App is being used by the leading brands in the electronics industry. The application is of versatile utility and can be customized and deployed as per brands norms in minimum time.

This is just the gist of our Application. The below furnished link is for the demo App. You can download the Application on your Android mobile handset and notify us to have an on call detailed Demo & discussion about the features and their implications on your retail store sales.

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