Turnkey e-store Management

Newtel is an outstanding turnkey business provider to many new upcoming brands and existing players kick starting their online retail. Online webstore can be an extremely profitable step for any brand due to large online customer base. However, transition from an offline retail store to an online responsive webstore involves a lot of stages and collaborations to finally come up with a great marketplace.

We are offering a one stop solution from the incubation of the webstore to the after sales services. There are different segments for online retailing and we duly understand their importance in the current competitive online brand wars.

Web store Creation

As the brand sign up Newtel as an enterprise partner, we garner all the requisites for the web store development. A team of highly professional developers will take the site designing and development on the most responsive platforms Prestashop & Magento. For the hosting of the website, we have our tie up with the most scalable and secure cloud computing services AWS (Amazon Web Services). In addition to this, we are offering a 24 x 7 maintenance service to cater to all the requirements. The e-store website is equipped with optimum landing pages, responsiveness, ease to use, security features, social connect, wish lists, related items, user generated reviews, detailed shipping information, Catalogue listing which can be enabled, modified or disabled on requirement, pricing as per guidelines, easy to navigate product list and a friendly shopping cart.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateways play a vital role in the ecommerce transaction process, authorizing the payment between merchant and customer. Newtel partners with highly secured payment gateways supporting all the leading bank EMIs and wallet payment options. We don’t want any consumer transaction to be lost due to payment issues, therefore, we regularly upgrade our integrations & API documentations to offer a smooth payment process.

We have our alliances with some of the best known payment gateway providers, namely PAYU, ATOM, HDFC & ICICI.

Customer Care Support

With advancing focus on customer acquisition, conversion and retention, customer care support needs a major attention. The basic retail principle still applies the same for online selling - the customer should be valued above all!

Since online e-store means online interaction as well, customer expects their experience to be consistent across all the channels. Newtel provides a well-trained Customer care team with a dedicated E1 line to attend and resolve the issues on real time basis. A large volume of the customers are positively influenced by the online chat services and social media responses to their queries. We provide immediate and sharp services through chat, email and social media.

Newtel duly understands that by closely tying online selling and fulfilment to customer support, and ensuring that the professionals know the products inside and out, information is shared, problems are quickly resolved with customer delight, and there are no surprises or disappointments. The customer service experience remains consistently excellent from start to finish.

A promising after sales service results in loyal customers. An after sale service includes a variety of activities, to see if the consumer is happy with product, give then necessary support in installation, processing smooth exchange or returning of products, taking feedback and reviews. Newtel extensively offers after sales service as per the brand’s guidelines for their web stores.


Warehousing is a very important component for the success on an e-store. Newtel enableOrder Processing & Invoicings to tie up the warehousing with the order management system to accept ship, track and deliver products and services to customers who bought them online. To avoid juggling up with the different vendors, we store the products securely in a 6000 sqft warehouse under 24x7 CCTV surveillance. With the support of our comprehensive warehouse services, e-stores can respond quickly to customer demands.

Product Listing

The products an e-store sells are a prime factor in shaping other details that impact their online business. The image quality, extensive description and the clear reviews increases the demand for a product. Newtel takes care of all these factors and list all the SKUs by following professional listing procedures to give the customer ideal online shopping experience.

Order Processing & Invoicing

Customer order processing transforms purchase order information to an actual order, followed by a series of events. After the payment is made, an invoice is immediately sent to the customer email id followed by an SMS confirming the order. The ordered product is then packed and sent for the shipment. Newtel takes care of every aspect of the order processing and invoicing with the best in-class resources to carry out the entire process smoothly.


The key to scale up your e-store business depends highly on outstanding services and fast delivery across any location. The speed and accuracy of delivery – both are increasingly important as consumer’s patience and error tolerance diminishes. Newtel has crossed an optimal reach in India, through partnership with some of the leading service providers - Bluedart, Firstflight, Ekart and Indiapost. We endeavour to deliver the product in a secure, intact condition on time.

SEO & Marketing

The main aim of the brand webstores is to attract the customer and generate sales. Marketing coupled with SEO marks the best way to reach the customer. Newtel have dedicated teams to look into the customer demand analytics, SEO, PPC, creative and original content management for brand marketing. We make sure to structure the brand e-store website to make it easy for search engines to understand, which can help your customers find you more easily.

Online Retail Services

This decade has witnessed a humongous consumer engagement on the social media, due to which online marketplace has gained a stupendous momentum. Metrics like number of sellers, consumers, commission fees, fees for selling on one’s own site highly indicate that selling on an established online marketplace can be fruitful for the emerging brands and vendors. Newtel has rightly placed itself as an experienced online seller in the five leading marketplaces, since 3 years, reaching out to 80% of the online consumer base.

Top 5 Marketplaces:
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Paytm
  • Snapdeal
  • Infibeam

Newtel in the in-line merchant for all the above leading brands and takes care of all the requirement of the brands selling through us. We as an outsource offers a personalized touch to all our brands from starting to end point to provide a value based service to the consumers as well as brands. In addition, there are some more benefits in hiring us as your partner for online marketplace selling.

Procurement & Warehousing

Newtel integrates the best logistic service as a part of procurement of products from the brand outlets. Our procurement department works in line with the strategy of organisation goals with reference to achievement of production planning. Online retailers that want to offer faster and more convenient shipping options to their customers need to adapt the right mix of innovative warehouse strategies for their businesses. Newtel with its 6000 sqft warehouse provides high end security for the inventory. Furthermore, we are using some of the most optimized strategies such as FIFO (First in First out), calculation of Inventory Turnover Ratio etc.

With more orders and returns bound to be made by the consumers, we maintain a robust inventory management system which will track every device right from in stocking to out stocking.

Professional Marketplace Sales team

Newtel is equipped with a highly dedicated professional marketplace sales team, which aspires to have a holistic view of both competitors and trends. We inculcate a mindset of “Marketplace awareness” in our work to have a reasonably good grasp of the competition. We are currently managing sales for some of the top notch brands in the industry such as HTC, Samsung, Smartron, Gionee, Wi-Bridge, Ratna Herbals, Neemli & Rockvile.

Catalogue Management (Listing, Pricing & Issue handling)

Customers look for rich, consistent product information from the retailers. An accurate, well organised and updated information about a product increases its sale manifold times. Our team understands the intricacies of a successful catalogue management for an improved customer experience. We happily offer an end to end support, beginning right from the listing of the products, inventory management and dynamic pricing. We easily expand the product assortment with structured SKUs to maximise sales in real –time basis.

Newtel resorts to build a solid foundation between the customers and the brands by nurturing trust. We have a successful ongoing track record of maintaining both seller and customer ratings of above 4/5 all the time.

Fulfilment by Marketplaces

In the competing marketplaces, success is governed in terms of who can take the highest amount of losses and still stay in the game the longest. To attain this scenario, what matters the most is a loyal customer base. And the only sure-fire way to get that is with good service, for example, efficient order fulfilment. NewTel is already an enrolled partner for all the mentioned marketplaces as in-house seller which helps the product we sell to get more visibility in front-end as an assure seller and best handling in returns and customer issues.

Some of the top players, we have tie ups with are offering the best order fulfilment plans for the sellers

  • Flipkart Advantage
  • Fulfillment By Amazon
  • Snapdeal Plus
  • Paytm FC

All the costs pertaining to the transportation and commission by marketplaces, will be reduced and moreover, it saves time and effort for any brand as the turnover ratio is very fast.

Order Processing & Logistics

Newtel thoroughly understands the various stages of order processing and specializes in meticulous care of order packing, invoicing, and selecting the correct shipping partner. When the order reaches the warehouse, the product is sort out by its label or SKU. We make sure to double check and then the product is parcelled to the shipping centre. Also, we give strict attention to maintain the quality of the product in packaging, sturdy and durable minimizing the damage.

To maintain the delivery timelines, we have ties with some of the best logistics service providers in the shipping industry such as Bluedart, First flight, Ekart & Indiapost.

As an added beneficiary, we are already on boarded seller for Fulfilment by Marketplaces, which provide us the best packaging process, issue handling & trusted logistics options. These marketplaces will be in charge of handling all the customer issues from product delivery to return/exchange and logistics with tracking systems.


We strongly believe that the growth graph of an online brand can be realised through a rigorous research on the sales reports comprising demographic wise actual sales distribution, product demand, new vs repeat, market price estimates etc. Our specialized teams perform MIS analysis on regular basis for the respective brands to timely understand and act as per the sales trends. This not only helps save time by reducing the redundancies, but also helps in formulating new strategies for future sales.

In House e-store Operations

Newtel operates its own ecommerce and price comparison websites including,, The sites envisage offering a complete range of mobiles & accessories, recharges, fashion products including apparel, cosmetics and all lifestyle products for men & women at the best prices, focused on trendy and fresh collection for young hearted Indians through its tie-ups with leading branded product suppliers in India.

On account of quality services to its customers, Girnar group sites today caters to millions of customers to whom NewTel proposes to offer 100% authenticated products in partnership with leading brands at its ecommerce site

Productivity Tools

Newtel provides sales and distribution productivity improvement tools for the retail and telecom industries

Refer our solutions section to find a suitable tool for your business needs