Merchandising app

In today’s scenario to ensure high relative brand visibility and high market share of product sales it is important for any leading brand to have a high share of Instore & outstore brand visibility. Thus it is imperative for brands to track their visibility index & tweak their visibility strategy on real-time basis for market leadership


Newtel’s MC App furnishes an easy to operate functionality for all brands, where we can automate your current manual method of survey and reporting. This is the stepping stone for the brands to digitize their brand visibility which helps them to check trends and maximize their retail sales.

Traditional manual tracking system employed by every leading brand, to fetch the data pertaining to their brand visibility in the stores has some obvious shortcomings:

  1. Credibility: We cannot be sure that the agent we appointed has actually been to the store. There can be chances of default or sending someone else at his/her place.
  2. Authenticity: Even if we are sending our entrusted agent to click the pictures of our product line in the stores, we are still not sure if they have actually clicked the pictures or just got them uploaded through internet.
  3. No means of real time tracking and execution of the strategy.
  4. Connectivity issue: Your research can get delayed on account of lost data connection or location based problem.

To overcome above issues and make the correct reports available on real-time basis, Newtel developed a unique suite of mobile application for the field staff to upload the field reports and a web report module for the brand owners to keep a track on brand’s visibility index on real-time basis in retail stores.


Newtel’s MC App has set of brand element parameters that need to be validated by MC agent to analyze their penetration in the stores: Front Signage, Inside Branding, Fixtures, Live Display, ISD Promoter, Creativity and all kinds of POSM materials

The report comprising of visibility data, image can be submitted through app whenever data connection is available. Images can be uploaded only through the camera directly and cannot be attached from gallery. Data connectivity issues have been totally removed as we have an extra feature of storing the report in an offline mode. Agent can save it in an offline reports section which can later be uploaded in the backend when there will be a stable connection.


  1. Execute & Monitor visit plan of MC Agents.
  2. App gives access only to camera which ensures the credibility of report.
  3. Authentic trend reports are available by store, category, cluster and city wise in a real time basis.
  4. Visibility Index in Real-time.
  5. Cost-control.
  6. Market Leadership

We can deploy the application and also customize visibility index defining parameters and reports according to brand’s requirement in a short time. We are already serving leading brands in Electronic Industry.

My Bill Buddy App

Operators keen on their customers being informed of better fitting plans to their customers. Handset companies are keen on next innovation through “Better plan Suggestions” on handset.


Newtel offers a client server solution where handset application tracks the mobile usage of the customer. On the click on an icon the NewTel server provides the best fitting plans in a few seconds that on handset display.


  1. User can do Client setting for the period of call pattern analysis.
  2. Query can be sent over SMS or data link
  3. Provide better plans and savings amount recommendations from all available plan+pack combinations for the subscriber’s usage.


  1. Provides a high quality retention channel that helps retain profitable & high ARPU subscribers with greater customer lifetime value
  2. Reduces costs of customer retention via a highly efficient and proven bestfit solution
  3. Eliminates subscriber churn using proactive retention strategies – thereby protecting subscriber base and strengthening brand perception

Plan Calculator Solution

Operators today are faced with long sales cycles, high acquisition costs and high churn all resulting in lower customer lifetime value to the operator.In an ever-increasing competitive market in MNP regime and 2/3/4G services, operators need to increase ‘high’ ARPU mobile customer acquisitions at an optimal cost.


NewTel provides highly effective & specific solutions to partner operators that enable subscribers to compare their current plans/spend against partner operator plans and submit leads on their website.

NewTel provides recommendations for all types of plans offered by mobile operators

  1. 2G postpaid and prepaid recommendations
  2. 3G postpaid and prepaid recommendations
  3. Internet access devices postpaid and prepaid recommendations

NewTel also provides facebook application where Operator can leverage social media to its best advantage for increasing acquisitions.


  1. Real-time analysis of subscriber e-bills.
  2. Provide customized recommendations within a few seconds from all available plans of partner operator for the subscriber’s usage along with an indepth analysis of how savings are realized. The recommendations are precise for decisive action.
  3. Lowers marketing costs using innovative referral techniques aimed at generating targeted and relevant traffic.
  4. Tools to view usage reports and manage leads in real-time.
  5. Plug and play solution can be deployed within 2weeks of request.

Smart Partner App

Retail and distribution companies know the stocks that have been placed in the network. However, they have very little information on the sales done, competitor schemes and their channel needs on real time basis.


Newtel Smart Partner App enables companies to manage and track their sales and distribution network on real-time basis. Essentially, the sales performance, market intelligence, channel attendance and training needs of thousands of their stores that can be tracked and managed in real time.


This is an android application primarily for retailers and promoters. Retailers and promoters can submit their daily attendance and sales, can view their sales performance, request for digital training material and can also submit market intelligence reports. The key real-time features of the app are:

  • Inventory view
  • Product Sale capture
  • Sales performance summary
  • Price details view
  • Attendance recording
  • Competitor tracking
  • Product training


Sales Channel Productivity:

  • Attendance Tracking: Ensure full channel productivity.
  • Effective incentive implementation: Reduce unmerited incentives by rewarding billed sales only.
  • Channel training: Know training requirements & provide training in real-time.

Shorter Sales Cycle:

  • Maximum channel throughput with optimal inventory in the supply chain and increased retail billing.
  • Real-time feedback on sales performance against target.
  • Get Real-time Market intelligence on competitor strategies: Price drops, new schemes, launches, promotions etc...

Market Leadership

  • NewTel Smartpartner App is an easy to use tool for intelligent channel sales management providing the product owners total control over their business.

The Smart partner App is being used by the leading brands in the electronics industry. The application is of versatile utility and can be customized and deployed as per brands norms in minimum time.