Welcome to the Digital era of Merchandising!

As we all know how merchandising has created a huge impact on selling as well as increasing selling efficiency of firms. But the way of doing that has become digitalized. Today’s Brand manager has become smarter using smart devices which has given an ease of reporting in real time. This disruption has created a deeper impact on Real time reporting as compare to traditional report system. With the help of technology, it has become possible for brand managers to guide hundreds of promoters sitting at one place without being worried about credibility issues. In addition to that they can also come across the branding issues over phone.

But would you like to know how this disruption has turned out to be so impactful?

Well, if you are reading this post you are going to experience something which you haven’t read or heard before. Girnar Newtel Solutions Pvt Ltd has invented a real time reporting system, taking aid of latest technology and automation tools. Mainly we are providing our service on online retailing, product distribution & e-store management.

We would like to introduce our new merchandising application solely for your business ease. A robust application for all those who are seeking an opportunity to have a transition from their existing traditional merchandising system to the superfast and effective merchandising.

So far we could figure out that below issues are faced by major brands due to poor implementation of a proper surveying system. Other issues incurred are described below.

Credibility: We cannot be sure that the agent we appointed has actually been to the store. There can be chances of default or sending someone else at his/her place.

Authenticity: Even if we are sending our entrusted agent to click the pictures of our product line in the stores, we are still not sure if they have actually clicked the pictures or just got them uploaded through internet.

Connectivity issue: Your research can get delayed on account of lost data connection or location based problem.

Merchandising Application stands for Real-time tracking of agents.

Have a look at process flow of our Merchandising application.

Today’s world is all about how we differentiate ourselves in competitive market and in order to display something unique in your system you have to use tools with advanced features.

Let’s walkthrough merchandiser app and figure out how it is happening exactly?

Stage: 1 – Assign stores to each MC agents.

  • A brand manager can assign stores individually through user interface application where he/she will be able to take decision as to whom he/she wants to send to respective retail stores for surveying.
  • MC Agents/ Promoters will be visiting to the assigned stores.
  • This will decrease confusion between Brand Manager and MC agents.

Stage: 2 – Setting up the targets.

  • Brand manager can set-up the targets and execute it irrespective of locality, region and city.
  • Multiple selection options will be given to segregate each agent’s assigned store as well as division vise data.
  • That will provide individual performance report as well as empower MC agents to compare their performance with highest achiever.

Stage: 3 – An Auto generated attendance report

  • Very crucial tool for all brand managers, they can mark the attendance of their respective agents.
  • In case of Leave request they just have to fill few tabs that will automatically generate leave application of that agent.

Stage: 4 – Mandatory capturing of front signage

  • We have made it compulsory to capture front signage image, agents can’t upload downloaded pic or dummy pic.
  • Many times it has been observed that to avoid visiting the stores, MC agents uploads previously captured photos which we have eliminated from the application itself.

Stage: 5 – New addition of latest products

  • This industry customized application provides end to end support in terms of increase revenue through optimized system.
  • Brand managers can add newly introduced product in the system with given access.

Stage: 6 – Market intelligence

  • If the store has competitors newly launched product but if they are not having the same level product as of your company, Agents can send reports mentioning this to their Brand Managers. This will help in keeping a tap on competition.

Stage: 7 – Inspection of POSM

  • Through captured photos (of any POSM), brand managers can easily figure out that where they are lagging behind and why sale is not increasing at a particular store.
  • It would become easy for them to do competitors analysis and comparative market movement.
  • Geo-tagging – Unique feature provides details about MC agents location as well as when he is visiting the store and surveying.

Stage:8 – Real –Time reporting to Brand Managers

  • Tension free reporting.
  • High level of accuracy.
  • Easy to monitor and control.
  • Time optimization

Stage: 9 – Evaluation of report

  • Brand manager will be having a master access where he will be empowered with all gathered data and reporting sent by each Agent. Based on that, he can take real time strategic decision regarding POSM enhancement or repositioning or product launch & withdrawal.
  • Different slots for timing will be provided where he can check it on the basis of: Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.

Now, you must be wondering that why didn’t I try this before? I was losing out on main fundamentals.

Never too late!!!

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