Would you like to track a substantial growth of your Business? Try this!!

Gone are the days when agents used to do reporting on paper and post getting information of all visited stores, they used to pass it to their respective Brand Managers. Now the scenario has been digitally changed, the brand manager can have all information handy while stores are being audited under their supervision. They are fully empowered for having transparent gathered information but,


Yes, it is…And the solution is extremely successful !

Well, using our advanced technologies and better usage of GPS system we have made it possible to track your agents and information collected by them. Certain ways are directed towards efficiency and effectiveness of the process to get market leadership and increase your brand visibility.


We at GirnarNewtel solutions Pvt Ltd are thrilled to introduce our robust brand visibility tracking mobile application called Merchandising App. This app is well versed with empowering the Brand managers in real time by providing information through mobile devices. You must be  wondering  about  plenty of opportunities you have missed, but still never too late.

You can navigate through our app by visiting our website and witness yourself by experiencing positive difference you can have in your current process and decision making.


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