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Current position of Brand Manager is not that hectic how it used to be. Earlier brand managers had to make lots of efforts to create hand written, concise and accurate reports for their upper management. And this process was more time consuming as well as there were recurring chances of errors. In order to eliminate this difficulty permanently, many merchandising service providers have come up with solutions, but still there is a vital question of credibility and authenticity in the market which cannot be ignored.

Newtel has changed current way of manually tracking Merchandising. The devised right solution has made their work very easy and traceable. Now managers can use smart tools to track every single movement of branding through a robust mobile application called Merchandising APP introduced by GirnarNewtel Solutions Pvt Ltd.

For a business to make sales, its products and services should be visible and displayed in an appealing manner, a process referred to as merchandising. Merchandising includes product display and packaging, as well as all the advertising techniques used to promote and sell goods to consumers.

In retail commerce, visual display merchandising means merchandise sales using product design, selection, pricing and display that stimulate consumers to buy more. This includes disciplines and discounting, physical presentation of products and displays, and the decisions about which products should be presented to which customers at what time, at which place.

Effective merchandising has a significant positive impact on sales. Pricing, proper product display, packaging, promotional marketing and sales signs can shoot sales upwards and give the customers a memorable shopping experience. Customers are more likely to return in the future if they find your store attractive and well organized.

Every single promotional movement happening inside the store is now under surveillance. Brand manager has an access to check all branding activities in real time through MC App. Our app has provided an ease to the agents that they don’t need to go to any Cyber café or internet enable zone to publish the reports on portal. Instead they can upload all collective information later when they have an access to internet. In addition to that, brand managers can analyse the performance of each agent by doing a comparative analysis of visits of each agent.

As a Brand Manager’s Perspective – Brand visibility analysis can be possible on time only when he/she will receive the reports in real time. A brand manager can assign the stores to the agents on priority basis in accordance with the decided targets to each Agent which enables him to get individual report on daily basis.So the flow of information will be seamless from one operational end to other resulting in higher efficiency in decision making. Maintaining a trustworthy relation between Brand Manager and Agents is our primary motto. So there is no any issue of credibility and authenticity in reports.

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