Field Service Management

With OnthegO Field Service Management software with AMC scheduling, your service team can Plan, Assign, Track, Prioritize, and Respond to issues for today, tomorrow, and beyond with agility and confidence.

Intuitive employee scheduling software with built-in time tracking and compliance tools. Real-time communication and change management enables you to manage your workforce effectively. Optimize your operations, lower costs and improve productivity. Intuitive and easy to use.Customized set-up available.

Request Portal

Provide page to your customers or admin to raise tickets easily

Your customers can submit their service requests from page on your website or mobile application. You can review, approve and assign a service engineer as per priority.

Smart Assignment

Assign best available technician based on skill set and job location by hour or calendar date. Auto assign based on service contract for preventive maintenance.

Notify your Customers

Inform your customers about their request status.

Send SMS and email notifications with date and time of Service Engineers visit. Also share quotation, invoice, service reports in real-time with your customers.

Track your Team

Know your technician location and status: idle, travelling, working.

Track availability of your Service Engineers for planning and scheduling task assignments. Track the time taken by your Service Engineer to complete a job for your clients' billing purpose.

Track your Jobs

Know complete details of jobs for the day and their status: Open, In Progress, Closed

Know the complete status of the assigned jobs by Call Type, Contract Type and Service Type. Manage your teams' productivity and clients' expectations with timely support for quotations, parts indent, servicing and invoicing.

Track Spares

Know about the level of spares inventory in your service center and with technician

Quotes & Invoice Feature

Provide services and parts quotation. Invoice for the job done either from field and/or office.

Provide quotations and invoices to your clients in real-time for the parts and services required for completing the assigned job. Edit the quotations and invoices before sharing with your clients as per your processes.

Configurable Service Form

Create Service form as per your format

Create your service, installation, training or demonstration forms quickly using dynamic form creation or checklist tools or available standard form templates. You can find ready support for all your service engineers reporting requirements.

Track Distance Travelled

Know accurate distance travelled by your technician and reimburse as per your policy


Service your client assets as per AMC contract. Send timely reminders for AMC renewal

Create AMC agreements and mandatory visits, assign Service engineer as per upcoming visits, send renewal notifications to your customers, renew AMC contracts and log the collection amount and mode details, all easily within a few clicks in app or web interface.

Parts Indent

Indent for parts required during the service call

Your service engineer can indent for parts required during the service call for spares admin to procure and supply to client or the service engineer for completing the assigned service job.

Customer Feedback

Capture feedback from your customers at the end of service call in your survey format

Create a feedback form as per your evaluation parameters. Capture responses in real-time and quickly address the gaps in the service done by your field engineers to minimize equipment downtime and enhance the satisfaction levels of your customers.

Field Service Reports

Send Field Service, Installation, Training, Demonstration Reports in pdf format to your clients immediately after the Service Engineers visit. Feature available for managers to edit before sending

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