Field Force Tracking Application

The field force Application is having two segments, one is the Android App, which will be installed in the smartphones of the field executives, to track their real-time positions and another segment is an organized Web Module for the managers to track their executives and real-time reports.

  • Real-time status

  • Offline Tracking

  • Two Way Messaging

  • Meeting Reports

  • Attendance Report

  • Route Directions

  • Performance View

The need of the hour for all the organizations engaging field force, in any form, is to track the overall productivity and task completion rate on a daily basis. An eye on the exact GPS location of a particular agent, whether going for a market visit or attending a meeting or even a family member checking in and out of the workplace is the most wonderful thing that can happen for translating the money spent on the field force and to track down a known person’s position for safety reasons.

Companies are focussing on an experience-based business model these days. They, therefore, hire a huge workforce, be it in the form of sales executives, field agents, promoters, service personnel, delivery boys, BDEs, drivers etc. However, they seem to get sub-optimal returns due to their inability to track the field agent’s performance on a daily basis in real-time. Most of the issues faced by the firms these days are of absenteeism, fraudulent reporting or no reporting at all, no track record of working hours, excuses for not working and others. This disrupts the business planning and in turn, affects the overall productivity and revenue.

Girnar Newtel has been catering to the above problems of their clients, through a simple yet powerful android application- the field force tracking app. The app beholds essential features of tracking the real-time location of field force and reporting. We have built this application by analyzing multiple industries and their requirements for tracking their field force. Our professional experts have incorporated new features solving all the issues faced by the managers.

Industry Sectors

Our Field Force Tracking Application is currently helping a lot of firms from belonging to different sectors and industries. The App is versatile enough to be customized as per the industry requirements and is, therefore, getting excellent reviews from our prospects. Below is the list of industries we are currently catering to through our Field Force Tracking Application.

  • Education consulting
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Staffing
  • Consumer Durable
  • Shifting solutions
  • Furniture
  • Publishing
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Automobile
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Travel
  • FMCG
  • Delivery and Pickup Services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pest Control Services
  • Facility Maintenance Services
  • Agro Products
  • Distilleries
  • Paints

How does Field Force Tracking work?

The field force Application is having two segments, one is the Android App, which will be installed in the smartphones of the field executives, to track their real-time positions and another segment is an organized Web Module for the managers to track their executives and real-time reports.

Real-time status of the entire workforce:

The real-time location of every agent will be tracked and displayed in the web module, available to the managers to keep an eye on the current status of all agents in a single window. The location gets updated in every 1-min duration and address fetched every 30min which can be increased or decreased as per the business requirement.

Offline Tracking

In case of lost data connectivity, the location will still be stored and synced with the server and when the internet connectivity is back.

Two Way Messaging

A channel for two-way communication between the agent (using the app) and manager (using web module) is available for important information sharing. The managers can also communicate with all the agents at once through one tab in the Web Module.

Meeting Reports

The status of the meetings, including the availability of visited client, waiting time, meeting start and end time with Geotags along with MOM can be submitted by the agents through the application, which can be easily viewed by the managers in their web module. Addition of new meeting: Field agent can add a new meeting report in real-time through the app.

Attendance Report

Attendance Punching with geo-fencing to ensure agents are working within assigned territory. The manager can see the historical date wise attendance to see the total check-in time of his/her field agents in a span of time.

Route Directions

The agents will be getting directions using Google maps to their assigned task locations in the App itself.

Performance View

Targets, Performance, Leaderboard & Achievement Badges view.

Smooth functioning

Once the app starts, it runs quietly in the background and requires no human interaction. It continues to run even after the tracked phone reboots.

Web Module for the Admin/Managers

The field force tracking application is supported with an easy to use backend web module for the managers. The managers will be logging into the web module (via Desktop or mobile) to track their field agents, check the meeting reports and attendance. They can also view historical attendance of their agents to keep a track of their monthly/weekly performance. The field force tracking app encompasses some of the standard features for tracking and deriving the optimal output from every field agent.

The web module screened for the Managers will operate with a basic login ID and password, with Multiple views at the same time. Below are the briefs of the features present for view.

Real-Time & Historical route tracking

the agent with highlighted start and end points.

Geo-fencing feature

If the manager wants to track the agents in a territory, that can be done by geo-fencing the agent’s workplaces in a given radius.

Historical Location Information

Managers can view the information by each agent and date.

Track your entire team & Quick Decision Making

Manager will be able to see all his field executives current position in real-time.This guides him to take decisions without any delay. Deviations are highlighted for easy view.

Attendance tracking

Track your field/sales staff attendance and efficiently manage both operations and payroll.

Executive Device Status

(Mobile On/Off, Battery level, Signal strength, GPS On/Off) and highlight deviations.

Travelled Distance

by the agents on any given date can be viewed by the Manager from the Web Module.

Task Management

Managers can map the outlets to be visited by the agents and also assign daily tasks.

Messaging with Executive

Instant messaging option to discuss or share inputs for optimal agent performance.

Daily Reports

View agent attendance, meeting, performance, and other custom reports in real-time.

Service Points Marking

Mark your Retailer, Distributor, Offices and Shops on MAP and View Markers based on Category / State / City.

Customized Reports

Get custom reports in any desired format as per brands unique business requirements.

Call Log Tracking

Call logs in official phones can be optionally tracked as per company's requirements to analyze the usage

Expense Management

Receive field sales agent travel expense reimbursement claims and approve in real-time. Download expense reports for audit and reviews.

Pricing Criteria

We work on a simple pricing scheme as levied on the number of user accounts taken on a monthly basis. For having a deep understanding of your requirements, we bring you the best monthly and annual package for our exclusive services.

The field force tracking App is available for a free Pilot Period, for customers to get a hands-on experience with our Application.

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