Facilities maintenance management system

Mobile Computerized Maintenance Management System for facility asset managers to track, maintain and manage their facilities/equipments on a real-time basis. Helps improve equipment performance and reducing equipment and facility downtime while also extending the operational life-cycle of the equipment and assets in your organization. Create, manage and measure corrective and preventive maintenance programs efficiently.

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Effective Tool for facility maintenance

Asset owners can list and Geocode all their assets, equipments and facilities. They can set up preventive recurring and one time maintenance schedules. The Asset owners can raise SRs with SLA for maintenance, repair and expansion tasks for the maintenance professionals to submit their observations with material & labor quotes as required. Requesters can also submit asset maintenance requests from public web interface.

The SRs can be automatically or manually assigned to technicians in internal or external maintenance organizations. The technicians can close SRs upon fixing without additional time or material or request for conversion of SR to WO with labor time and material approvals. The price details book can be readily referenced before each PO.The track of material sourced internally by Asset owner or supplied by Maintenance organization is available in WH inventory stock in and stock out movement details. Asset owners and Maintenance organizations have a real time track of every tech team attendance, location and SR/WO maintenance task status

Our automated push notifications for SR and work order progress combined with your team's ability to communicate in real-time through the app means getting work done has never been so easy.

Handy Analytics available for asset owners to Identify trends and fix problems before they occur.

Essentially any asset or facility that needs repair or replacement - such as power backup, STP, solar plant, lifts, fire control equipment, plumbing, electrical works can be maintained efficiently on the scheduled date. Ensuring you always remain ahead of equipment breakdowns before they occur.

Efficient Service Request /Work Order Tracking System

  • Hierarchical approach for resolution of any asset, equipment or facility maintenance problem.

  • Two level problem resolution system: SR and Work Order

  • Raise a Service Request instantly at the tip of your finger from your mobile app.

  • Request portal feature for Asset Users also to raise an SR.

  • Prioritize the most important tasks

  • Assign SRs automatically based on predefined mapping of tasks with technicians or manually assign based on technicians availability

  • Get work done on your own defined SLA terms and conditions.

  • SRs can be observed and closed as per checklist or escalated for conversion to Work order with Labor, Material and SLA approvals

  • Material can be supplied by Asset owner or Maintenance organization

  • Negotiate for the work to be done and the costs on a standardized platform to have an authentication for the WO and Material PO

  • Material flow trail available in the WH

  • SR/WO closure with Technician rating and remarks for future appraisal

  • Transparency and bifurcation of costs for each service done

  • Easily view past completed tasks

Maintenance organization Management

Track equipment effectively and efficiently

List and track life cycle of every equipment, asset and facility with details of geocode, supplier, price, date of commissioning, current state, expected life, number of breakdowns, time and money spent on maintenance.

  • Get rid of all work books for maintaining your assets. Manage all assets, equipments, facilities all in one organized place
  • Geotag all assets
  • Billing-Get a track of the annual maintenance cost for a particular asset and decide to make a worthwhile spend on the asset or not.
  • Track of all issues encountered by a asset in a financial year or in its lifecycle

Preventive maintenance

Easy Real-time Communication

Android and iOS apps to notify maintenance tasks and track technician locations, attendance


The security requirements of apartments, offices, and factories are being done in a time consuming manual process involving screening, registration, sign in and visit permissions from authorized managers. All these are efficiently addressed in a cost effective manner in real-time by Gateguard Visitor Management system.

  • My Visitor

    Pre-approve appointment requests

  • My Vehicle

    List your vehicles and ensure seamless secured entry and exit

  • My Complaints

    Register and track resolution of complaints in real time and rate your service provider/ technician

  • Attandance

    Track attendance online and pay your service staff accordingly.

  • My Members

    Register your authorized office or resident family members and track their entry and exit

  • Visitor Entry/Exit

    Online visitor sign in and sign out with Photo Capture

  • Staff Entry/Exit

    Track your staff entry exit and their location in real time

  • Single Window Monitoring

    Monitor in a single interface all your locations across the country.

Facilities booking

Whether you have a conference room, hall or sports arena, you can now easily manage the spaces for the community members to book easily without double bookings for the given slot at the listed price according to the terms of booking.


Complete solutions for any industry

  • Apartment Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Mall Management
  • Retail Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Facility Management
  • Property Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Worship Places Management
  • Fleet Management
  • School and Universities Management
  • Utilities Management

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